Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sixteen Daaaays!!!!

Sixteen Days and we will be on the beautiful Beaches of Kona Hawaii!! Jealous much?!
I am so excited!!!! I have never been to Hawaii and cant wait to go, Not only that but we will be in one of the most Romantic places on earth on the most Romantic day of the year. Yay us :) We are going to My husbands, mom's side Family Reunion (If that made since to my readers :p) We are looking forward to seeing all of our family that we haven't seen for a while. MY wonderful hubby and i have posted a video on YouTube... We're singing a Colbie Caillat's "I never told you." you should check it out at
I hope you enjoy it, Let us know what you thought.
Other than that things around here are Same old, Same old. Working hard and Loving life.
Peace out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

How can you get mad, she's so cute!

While sitting at work, my wonderful hubby decided to sup rise me and bring me my favorite shake in the WORLD!!!!!!! a vanilla shake from McDonalds, yes their ice cream is and always will be the best. Anyway...... he informs me that Harley, our precious little pup, has destroyed the tile in the bathroom she is kept in while we are at work. Thinking that he was exaggerating how bad it really was I didn't think about it again until I got home. It was Worse than I thought much, much worse!!!! how could she even get the tile in a position where she could do that?! needless to say we will be replacing the already new tile. Bummer!!!!! She is the perfect dog, obedient, loving, cuddle bug, rarely barks.... and then this. O well, one of the joys that comes with having a pet. Just got home from our free date night that we go to every month. such a good lesson about marriage, eternal marriage and how to keep each other happy and the love alive.
Peace Out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting to know us.

I am Jelaire Ehlers. I am married to Kelly Ehlers. We have been married for one year and six months now, however we have been together for two years and a month. We were Married August 8th, 2008. (8-8-08) In sealing room 8 of the Salt Lake Temple. We dated for 4 months and were engaged for 4 months, which equal's 8 months! We honestly didn't mean for all those 8's to happen and no we are not having 8 children.

We met at a mutual friends house when I was 17 and he had just returned home from his mission. Nothing happened at that point but I do remember clearly thinking that he was the most handsome person I had ever seen. I had to really focus on not staring at him! Afterwords we saw each other here and there at friends houses and parties... then once I had turned 18 I randomly stumbled across his Myspace page. YES you heard me, Myspace :P and it has blossomed from there. Kelly proposed to me 4 months later at the exact location of our first date.

We live in a cozy little apartment with our two babies Trinity (the 3 legged cat) and Harley!

We adopted Trinity after my sister found her lying in the middle of the road at 5 weeks old with one of her arms hanging off. She has had 2 surgeries to fix where her arm used to be... :( I love her so much, and she has helped me through some pretty hard things. I thank God for her every single day! As for our little Harley girl, we rescued her from the Humane Society, and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She loves everyone and everything and has a very special little spirit.

As for work, Kelly works at eBay as a Top Seller Account Manager, and I work at True Talent Management.

We both share a love of music, and he is teaching me how to play guitar on the new Hello Kitty guitar that he bought me! If you know me you know how much I LOOOVE Hello Kitty. In fact I used to work at the hello kitty store. Well... it's getting late! I am going to call it a night. Till' Later. Peace out :).